Management Team

Cher Engerer Kerr
Founding & Managing Partner, Clinical Director
Cher is a Psychologist, training consultant and licensed by the British Psychological Society (BPS) as a personality and ability test psychometrician. She has also pursued training in executive coaching and neurofeedback training. Having spent her early life experience in Australia, as well as having specialised and worked in Dublin, she has a keen ability to assess, profile and work with people from diverse backgrounds. She has over fifteen years’ experience working therapeutically with people in the community at difficult stages or periods in their lives, and she has also had extensive experience working with individuals or organisations who sought to maximise their potential through coaching, peak performance programs and training. ​Apart from lecturing in Maltese and International higher educational institutions, Cher has also worked as a consultant with a number of local NGO’s, as well as governmental and private entities; having been primarily responsible for developing people, leading projects, developing training packages and facilitating training, as well as offering ongoing supervision, psychotherapy and workshops. Cher considers herself a change-catalyst; be it through psycho-educational, psychological or therapeutic modalities. She is a warm, approachable, dedicated, sharp and resourceful professional, making for easy conversations at all levels, through a plethora of interventions and techniques she has acquired through her years of bringing the best out of people. She is predominantly interested in driving people to unlock their full potential, to increase self- awareness and to overcome impasses and obstacles. She can be a trusted thinking/ feeling companion, on any personal and professional life journey one chooses to pursue. Cher has a B.Psy (Hons) in Psychology, training in Executive Coaching, BCIA Didactic Training in Neurofeedback (London), and a Masters in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin, where she graduated with an overall commendation. She is also a registered Supervisor (of counselling, therapeutic and psychotherapeutic work). Away from work, she enjoys family and friends, creative writing, photography, travelling, and anything related to Arts and Culture.
Dean Engerer Kerr
Managing Partner, Director of BrainGym, BrainMechanic
Dean joins Polaris from a multi-disciplinary engineering background as well as a solid track record in business. He was the CEO of a Swedish Fibre-Optics Company, as well as founding an online trading business, until his life-changing transformational experience in 2013, when Dean suffered a severe spontaneous brain haemorrhage and crippling stroke at the tender age of 29yrs. Following his stroke, Dean began a new journey of rehabilitation and learning, which ignited his interest and passion in helping others. This led Dean into studying youth work, and the co-ordination of a program for troubled youth, during which time he supported young people through various life-coaching methods, including sports, parasport athletics and Life Skills. ​ ​Since his move to Malta, and his relationship with his fiancée working in the mental health sphere, Dean has entered the world of wellbeing and has further honed his passion to enter the helping professions. Driven by a thirst for learning, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship, Dean has shifted his engineering knowledge to the realms of the most important machine of all; the human brain. He completed a Harvard course in Neuroscience, Neurofeedback & QEEG (Brain Map) Technician training, launching Polaris to the next level of cutting-edge technology in this sphere.
Laura Sue Armeni
Partner, Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Laura is a warranted Occupational (Business) Psychologist and Psychotherapist. She is also qualified to conduct Occupational Ability and Personality Psychometric Assessments which she applies mainly in career guidance sessions, coaching, specialised recruitment and team development sessions. She is also currently specialising in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) psychotherapy. Her journey in the psychology began to take shape in 2009 when, having completed a bachelor’s in psychology, she pursued a master’s degree at the University of London and joined a local consultancy where her main role was to support families in business together to navigate through the challenges and dynamics of family and work life...and the many overlaps. This led her to return to studying and seek further specialisation in psychotherapy. In her apprenticeship as a psychotherapist, she developed a deep appreciation for work focused on family dynamics, addictions, and grief. In addition to this, from a very young age she started to volunteer with Caritas, scouts and, later Millennium Chapel leading to numerous years of amazing work with young people, adults, and the elderly. Fast forward to today, Laura Sue has years of experience working as a psychotherapist with addiction, mood disorders, behavioural and emotional problems, identity issues, family dynamics, trauma and bereavement. In her work she adopts a practical, empathetic, and eclectic approach making use of different techniques and tools. Laura Sue also has over nine years’ experience working in the corporate environment ranging from holding management positions to the provision of specialised team building sessions, coaching, training, and mentoring. She brings all this and a warm sunny disposition to our interdisciplinary team and integrative care tool kit.
Gabriel J. Ellul
Partner, Psychiatrist
Dr Gabriel Joshua Ellul is a specialist trainee in psychiatry and a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He was educated at the University of Malta where he obtained his medical degree with merit in 2015 and where he has recently completed a Masters degree in Bioethics. His past work experience includes working as a news reporter, television producer and clinical online learning coordinator. His professional interests include personality disorders and trauma, while his personal interests range from voluntary work and activism to history and travelling.
Lisa Martin
Partner,Functional Medicine Health Coach
Lisa is an Institute of Functional Medicine (US) Certified, Functional Medicine Health Coach. Her work involves co-creating personalised plans for long-term, sustainable behaviour change for Health & Well-being. The coaching method is based on Functional Medicine principles and Positive Psychology. Her work involves exploring her client's vision for health and co-creating solid, personalised plans for long-term, sustainable behaviour change for their optimal Health & Wellbeing. Topics to work on during Health Coaching sessions with Lisa will include exploring client's food and liquid intake, exercise & movement strategies, sleep, stress management & relaxation strategies. Lisa's Health Coaching takes the form of 1-1, couples or group coaching. Lisa is also contracted by organisations as a consultant for employee health and wellness as well as to deliver talks and workshops around these topics. Lisa's coaching method is based on Functional Medicine principles & Positive Psychology. She brings all this to the Polaris Interdisiplcinary approach, along with her warm smile and sunny disposition.
Maria Aquilina
Psychology Assistant
​Maria has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.) in Psychology. She has experience working with children in a voluntary setting, extensive experience in client care, and she has also previously worked with individuals who display challenging behaviour and/or diverse abilities. She is presently reading for a Post Graduate Certificate in Eating Disorders and Obesity. Maria strongly believes that health and psychology should be intertwined in order to enhance the person's well-being. Thus, she aims to continue her studies within the psychological sector, specialising in Health Psychology. Maria also feels that working in an interdisciplinary approach is the ultimate course of action to improve the client's well-being and levels of satisfaction. She brings integrity, loyalty, efficiency and reliability to our Polaris clients.


Anca Ungureanu
Senior Associate - Clinical Psychologist
Anca has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Hypnosis and Short-Term Therapies and has gained a consistent experience mainly in the field of eating disorders, obesity-related issues and mood disorders (depression, anxiety). Anca has worked in clinical environments both in Malta and Romania with children, adolescents and adults presenting a wide variety of mental health issues. Her journey in the psychology domain started almost 15 years ago. Back then, Anca was already a graduate in Foreign Languages at the University of Bucharest, Romania, and working as a PR Manager in the private sector. In this role she has received extensive training in personal and interpersonal communication and has worked closely with people. This experience has lead her a step forward towards the psychology sphere. Therefore, soon after Anca enrolled herself in a bachelor’s degree program in psychology which she graduated successfully. Ever since, Anca has continuously developed herself, adding to her professional background different courses, workshops, seminars and over 400 hours of personal development activities plus a certification as a counsellor in personal development. Nowadays, Anca offers psychological support in English and Romanian using a holistic approach and various techniques adapted to an individual’s needs. Her clients’ feedback strengthened her belief in the tremendous transformational potential a word-based therapy has.
Silvia Fenech
Senior Associate- Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique & EMDR Specialist
Silvia obtained her Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Padua (Italy) in 2000. She has been practicing as a full-timer locally since 2012. Silvia is not only a Psychologist but also a Psychotherapist as she went on to specialise in Expressive Psychotherapy from the Institute of Expressive Psychotherapy (IPSE) in Bologna. She is fluent in Italian, her first language and also offers intervention in English and Italian. As a Psychotherapist, she gained precious experience working with a variety of clients: children, adolescents and adults, diagnosed as suffering from depression, anxiety or personality disorders or simply encountering a challenging period in their lives. She also cooperated with other organizations such as Villa Margherita in Vicenza, Italy, a private treatment facility for clients with psychotic and anxiety and personality disorders. For three years, she also led groups for physical-psychological relaxation using specific techniques in two wards at the hospital in Vicenza: the Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders Unit (assisting patients with acute mental health conditions), and the Centre for Eating Disorders, where she supported teenagers suffering from bulimia and anorexia. Furthermore, for five years, Silvia enjoyed working on prevention in a primary school setting, leading weekly art therapy sessions for children. Silvia is a very reliable, good tempered, creative and hardworking person, with a genuine interest in people and a call to help them in a kind and respectful way. Therefore, when she discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), she felt it was an approach that perfectly matched her personality and values. What Silvia loves about this technique is the fact that it is a very respectful and powerful method, which allows her to help others not only in emergency situations but also to assist and promote personal development and wellbeing. EFT helps clients feel that they are taken care of holistically, with a 360-degree interest in the person, and not just in their symptoms. It enhances their self-knowledge, empowers them to activate the change they would like to see in their lives, and to take control of their own wellbeing by applying the EFT technique themselves in times of need.
Rebecca Gorrieri
Senior Associate - Neuropsychologist
Rebecca graduated from the University of Malta in 2006 with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Neuropsychology from the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands, which she obtained in 2009. In 2016 she graduated from a PhD in Applied Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Padova, Italy. She has 14 years of experience working with both adults and children with a variety of Neurological and Neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism and ADHD as well as brain injuries and other Neurological and Neuropsychiatric conditions, including anxiety and depression. Owing also to her vast experience in International Sports as Malta’s Long Jump National Record holder, Rebecca has a wealth of experience in Sports Psychology, working with athletes and individuals alike seeking to pursue a more physically active lifestyle and/or working towards Psychological and Physical recovery following injury. In 2020 and 2021, she managed the Psychology Department at the leading Rehabilitation Hospital in Malta, and was one of the Managers and Assessment Lead of a local multidisciplinary team in the private sector working with both adults and children in the field of Mental Health. She has also been a visiting lecturer with the Department of Psychology and the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Malta since 2010. Rebecca is an asset to the Polaris team as she brings a rich and varied provision of services to our valued clients. As a Psychologist she works closely with both adults and children, integrating family members and/or significant others in the intervention process. She adopts a multidisciplinary approach and tailors intervention plans according to the presenting needs. Rebecca mainly uses a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) approach towards achieving mental health and overall wellbeing. She specializes in cognitive and behavioural assessments, lifestyle changes, Motivational Interviewing, Mental Coaching as well as Cognitive Rehabilitation, whilst offering Psychoeducation and Psychological Support. Rebecca is a mother of two young children, and together with her family, is currently based in San Marino (Italy). She offers online therapy and consultation sessions for Polaris. She also comes to her homeland every eight (8) weeks on average, to provides face to face consultations at the Factory.
Christine Laman
Senior Associate - Holistic Relaxation Therapist
Christine is a Reiki practitioner, ITEC-certified massage therapist, aromatherapy practitioner, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy practitioner and meditation facilitator for adults and children. Originally from France, she came to Malta in 2009 when she started her studies as an Holistic Therapist, being highly passionate about alternative therapies as an additional tool that people can use on their healing journey. She enjoys helping people and supporting their physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. Christine is very interested in the mind, body and spirit connection and how an imbalance of any can affect the other. She is also interested in the impact food choices can have in assisting the body and mind with the healing process. She enjoys helping individuals who are highly sensitive to understand, accept and nurture their sensitivity and to regard their heightened sensory perception as a gift. She became a Reiki practitioner in 2010 which opened the path to study other various alternative modalities such as holistic massage, shiatsu, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, homeopathy, basic TCM, herbalism, nutrition, EFT, mindfulness and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for clients to benefit from a richer holistic approach. One of her aspirations is to help children learn about the brain, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, energy and the link to the physical body through mindfulness activities so they can have many tools in their toolbox from a young age to know exactly what to do to feel their best in an increasingly stressful world. She also put together a mindfulness activity booklet and journal for children to help them have empowering thoughts and help them regulate their emotions when they feel wobbly. She is very passionate about essential oils and creates energetic room sprays whose aromas can have a beneficial effect on emotions while creating a positive energetic vibration to any given space. She enjoys spending time in Nature which she finds nurturing and helpful to regain energy and relieve everyday stresses.
Claire Ciantar
Senior Associate - Complementary Therapist & Adhd Adult Coaching Trainee
From a young age, Claire has been drawn to the world of the healing professions. Her interests in human interactions lead her to study psychology at the University of Malta, after which she acquired her Masters degree in Transcultural Counselling. This degree opened up her horizons to the diverse forms of healing modalities from different cultures all over the world, and this in turn has sparked her interest in learning more about Complementary Therapies. Claire achieved a VTCT Diploma in Complementary Therapies which includes basic practise in aromatherapy, body massage and reflexology, further gaining another 2 VTCT Diplomas in Advanced Aromatherapy and Advanced Reflexology. Equipped with her psychology background and complementary therapy training, Claire has an in depth understanding of how the mind and body relate to each other and will be able to assist you at Polaris by creating a personalised treatment plan to enhance your well-being journey, including tailor-made aromatherapy products and/or reflexology/massage treatments. Claire recently has also become more interested in neurodiversity, as she herself feels very drawn to neurodivergent people and notices that neurodivergent people also seem to feel very at ease around her too. This led her to obtaining an Award in the ADHD Adult Coaching Approach. She is currently offering ADHD coaching sessions at Polaris, at a discounted rate, not only to people who are diagnosed with ADHD, but to any adult who identifies as having symptoms or issues similar to those experienced by people who have ADHD. These sessions will be part of her training leading up to further studies and qualifications.
Christina Desira
Senior Associate - Parenting Strategist/ Life Coach, Trauma-sensitive Physiotherapist
Christina’s personal and professional journey encompasses her vast interest in the promotion of human health from all facets of life - the physical, psychological, and spiritual, which is why she is a perfect fit with the Polaris holistic approach. Her work as a Physiotherapist gives her precious insight into the body’s mechanisms of dealing with ailments and pain. Adding to that, she has always felt drawn towards psycho-spirituality and its essence in our wellbeing. Throughout the years, this yearning propelled her to undergo a thorough & lifelong journey of self-inquiry, mindful awareness, and personal healing. Throughout the years working as a physiotherapist, she has witnessed how unresolved emotional wounds can manifest as physical pain, especially chronic pain, and has developed a deep appreciation towards bridging the physical and the emotional states in order to regain a holistically healthy mind, body, and overall lifestyle. She harbours a special interest in early brain development, neurobiology of trauma, chronic pain, parenting, AD(H)D and how a psycho-somatic approach to therapy can help release blockages and bring forth change, healing, and an enhanced wellbeing. She is a registered Physiotherapist (UoM), Certified ZenYoga instructor (UK), Certified Life & Parenting Coach (US), holds a 3rd Dan in Shotokan Karate (JKA-Japan) and currently undergoing training as a Mindfulness Teacher (CA) Becoming a mother has propelled her to engage in deep self-reflection and personal growth. She embodies healing the Self to the best of her ability, and her mission is to guide whoever seeks assistance in the healing journey, on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level. Her background in the physical field of the human body, both as a Physiotherapist and a Yoga teacher, together with her passionate practices, interests, and studies in the psychology & spirituality of being human, culminates in a highly integrated approach to the coaching and therapy she delivers. Through a dynamic dialogue, compassionate exploration and mindful awareness, her ultimate mission is to guide clients into gaining insight and understanding of their current patterns, shifting from coping mechanisms to a thriving, authentic and purposeful living. Over the years, she has come to the realization that Life’s sole purpose is the journey of remembering the self as Whole. She enjoys anything that nourishes the soul, namely being in nature, dancing, singing, cooking, reading, and travelling.
Mike Orland
Associate – Family Therapist
Mike Orland is currently one of the Family Therapists at Polaris. Graduated at the University of Malta with a BA (Hons) Social Work in 2005, Mike worked in various fields with his main contributions being in addictions and the migration sector. With a growing interest in relationship dynamics, Mike went on to complete a Masters degree in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice in 2016 at the University of Malta, As a warranted psychotherapist, he has since been practising couples and family therapy thus gaining valuable experience in the field.
Angela Sceberras Trigona
​Junior Associate - Health Psychologist
Following her Undergraduate degree in Psychology in 2010, Angela obtained a Masters in Child and Adolescent Mental Health from the University of Northampton and a Masters in Health Psychology from the University of Malta. She also has a vast amount of experience working in a variety of mental health and healthcare settings with individuals of all ages, but particularly with children, young people and their families, both in Malta as well as in the UK. Angela strongly believes in the integration of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Play Therapy and Family Therapy. This stems from her work in London with underprivileged children and adolescents with emotional and behavioural difficulties as a result of adverse experiences. She also worked with the NHS in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire as a support worker, working with children in palliative care due to complex health and neurodevelopmental conditions, as well as with their families. These two experiences overseas inform her current work. Since her move back to Malta Angela has spent five years working therapeutically within a child and young people outpatient mental health service. She is also qualified in administering Autism Spectrum assessments, personality tests and cognitive assessments. As a Health Psychology Practitioner Angela’s main aim is to help enhance individuals’ quality of life and wellbeing. She achieves this by understanding and supporting their holistic needs. She helps them understand the great influence thoughts and feelings have on behaviours and the importance of self-care, both physically as well as mentally. This helps motivate and support behaviour change. Moreover, having worked both in Malta and in the UK she recognises that no two cultures are the same and that as psychology professionals there is a need to adapt therapeutic practice to the needs and wants of clients depending on their cultural background. Furthermore, Angela understands the importance of self-reflection, critical self-evaluation and identification and, most importantly, the enhancement of core therapeutic skills through continuous professional development. She brings all this to Polaris as an integral part of their Interdisciplinary team.
Nadine Gatt Flores Martin
Junior Associate – Family & Systemic Psychotherapist
Nadine is a warranted Systemic Family Therapist, and a member of the Malta Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice, and Malta Association of Psychotherapists. She graduated from the University of Malta with a Bachelors degree in Psychology (Honours) in 2013. Following this she read for a Diploma in Systemic Family Psychotherapy with the Institute of Family Therapy Malta, furthering her expertise with a Masters in Systemic Family Psychotherapy at the same Institute. Nadine was also trained as a parenting coach under The Incredible Years Parenting programme. She has extensive experience working with multi-stressed families, couples, individuals and children with local state and non-governmental agencies. Nadine also has experience working in the field of autism, mental health, couple issues, addictions and trauma. As a systemic therapist, Nadine firmly believes in working collaboratively with clients to identify their family scripts and patterns of relating and jointly create new scripts and healthier means of communicating their needs. Outside of work, Nadine enjoys spending time with her family; keeping active - crossfit, scuba diving; travelling and painting. Nadine also enjoys following Formula 1 racing.
Kristen Xerri Frendo
Associate - Counselling Psychologist & EMDR Practitioner
Kristen holds a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University, Masters in Child and Adolescent Mental Health from University of South Wales, Post-Grad Dip in Psychology from Manchester Metropolitan University and BA(Hons) in Social Work from University of Malta. As a Psychologist and EMDR practitioner Kristen specialises in trauma therapy and works with individuals/families suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, abuse, marital issues, low self-esteem and any other psychological related challenges. Kristen is trained in various therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person Centred Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Couples Therapy and other approaches. As a Psychologist, Kristen provides a personalised therapeutic experience within a pluralistic epistemology according to the client’s individual needs, within a safe and confidential space. Kristen worked with NHS Glasgow Occupational Health Department. His role was to assist NHS staff to support and promote their holistic health and wellbeing. Kristen also worked with other specialised services related trauma such as child sexual abuse support services. Moreover, he also occupied various roles in Malta as part of various government and NGO’s, both in clinical and managerial positions. As part of his role as a scientific practitioner, Kristen is also interested in research about trauma, attachment, foster care, and the impact of the therapeutic relationship on the therapeutic outcome. Currently, Kristen also occupies the role of a Senior Lecturer II in a tertiary institution where he currently lectures psychology modules as part of childcare, inclusive education, and social care courses. He is a welcome addition to the Polaris team of experts, where he complements the integrated care interdisciplinary team approach with his seasoned skill-base and warm disposition.
Francesca Griscti
Junior Associate -neuropsychology Practitioner & Aba Facilitator
Francesca obtained her Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree from the University of Malta in 2018, after which she obtained the Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Neuropsychology degree with distinction from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom in 2020. With the aim of obtaining her warrant in neuropsychology, Fran has a great interest in cognitive rehabilitation especially in regards to working with survivors of strokes, traumatic brain injuries, as well as, neurodegenerative diseases. Fran will be collaborating with the interdisciplinary team at Polaris, in the building a neuro-department aimed at helping individuals with various neurological and cognitive disorders - to restore cognitive function through evidence-based interventions, and help clients reach their full potential and live lives full of success and purpose.
Lara Portelli
​Junior Associate - Educational Psychology Practitioner
Lara is an Educational Psychology Practitioner, with a Masters in Educational Psychology obtained from the University of Malta. She has experience working with children and adolescents in different learning environments including childcare centres as well as in various schools. Lara conducts psycho-educational assessments and incorporates strength-based methods to support diverse learners. Most of all, she is passionate about working as a team with children and their families, and is committed to helping children and adolescents grow academically, socially and emotionally.
Sarah Falzon
Junior Associate -Counselling Psychology Practitioner, Mental First Aid Officer
Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) and a Master of Psychology in Counselling Psychology (Hons) from the University of Malta. Taking a person-centred approach, Sarah aims to help the people she works with reach their full potential. Through empathy and ensuring a safe therapeutic space, Sarah aims to offer the people she meets the chance to speak and open up without the fear of judgement. Sarah values the connection that is built within the therapeutic space. Through her previous experience Sarah has worked with people with several mental health difficulties, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder. She has experienced these first hand through her work in the community as a Mental Health Recovery Officer and has been lucky enough to meet with people from different backgrounds. Apart from this, Sarah has also worked with people who have struggled with their sexuality, and people who have learning difficulties. Through her studies, Sarah grew her interest in Perinatal Wellbeing, with her Masters dissertation focusing on the Impact of COVID-19 on the First-Time Fathers’ Journey Towards Fatherhood. She is also trained in Mental Health First Aid. Sarah believes that being entrusted to work therapeutically with a person is a privilege, therefore she aims to prioritise the clients’ needs in the therapeutic space. She joins Polaris in these values and vision for treating each person with the dignity, respect and importance they deserve.

Friends of the factory

Lisa Abela
​​Friend Of The Factory - Speech/ Language Therapist
Lisa graduated with a First Class Honours B.Sc. in Communication Therapy from the University of Malta in 2020. Her undergraduate dissertation focused on exploring the attitudes of employers towards people who stutter. During her studies she was given the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in numerous clinical settings, educational settings as well as medical settings in Malta. During her time as a student, Lisa was also selected to study at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland were she followed courses related to paediatric neurology, clinical linguistics and language development. Lisa is devoted to employing evidence-based practice when carrying out intervention and involving the child, their family, and the multidisciplinary team in every episode of care. She is dedicated to working with children and adults to help them reach their full potential in speech, language, play and social skills.
Peter Muscat
​Friend Of The Factory - Consultant Psychiatrist
​Dr Peter Muscat MD LRCP MRCS MRCPsych. Consultant psychiatrist in private practice. Previously consultant with the health department. Was also a lecturer and head of department at university of Malta. Has been involved in a number of voluntary organizations and been a pioneer in educating the public on mental health through various social media platforms.
Beppe Micallef-Trigona
​Friend Of The Factory - Consultant Psychiatrist
​Dr Beppe Micallef-Trigona is a Maltese psychiatrist who returned to Malta after working as a consultant psychiatrist with the UK Ministry of Defence (Royal Navy), and previously, as a consultant psychiatrist in the UK National Health Service. Following his undergraduate Medical degree at the University of Malta, he completed his specialisation in psychiatry and is on the specialist register of the Malta Medical Council as well as the UK’s General Medical Council. Dr Micallef-Trigona also went on to attain an MSc in Clinical Health Management at Aston University, UK and membership with the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Apart from his clinical work as a psychiatrist, Dr Micallef-Trigona is a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery at the University of Malta. His main research interests lie in the areas of neuropsychiatry, brain stimulation, treatment resistant depression, anxiety disorders such as OCD and Health Anxiety, early intervention in psychosis, organisational and occupational psychiatry and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He is specifically involved in transcranial magnetic stimulation as well as electroconvulsive therapy research and has carried out a number of publications in this field. Dr Micallef Trigona is actively involved in clinical audit and medical education, and is a trained medical assessor in the Malta Foundation Programme. He has delivered a number of public presentations at the University of Malta. Dr Micallef Trigona also has a strong interest in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and carried out postgraduate certification in CBT at Newcastle University. Dr Micallef-Trigona was a founding member of the Malta Association of Psychiatric Trainees and served on the executive board for a number of consecutive years. Following the end of his psychiatry training, he was a founding member of the Maltese Association of Psychiatry and was elected to the first executive council; a post he currently holds.
Vanessa Camenzuli
Friend Of The Factory - Employer Branding And Communications Strategist
In her dual here role at Polaris, Vanessa helps individuals achieve their professional and personal aspirations through coaching, and works with corporate clients facing talent attraction and retention challenges. As a multi-talented individual Vanessa brings a wealth of unique knowledge and expertise to our team. Her corporate experience began as a marketing and PR executive at Emma Diacono Ltd after graduating in Psychology. She then went on to occupy various communication and HR-based roles in local and international organizations including Vodafone Malta, Hili Ventures & KPMG Malta. Her latest role was at Evolution Gaming where she implemented employee communication and talent management initiatives for 17000+ employees across 20+ locations. Vanessa's passion for employer branding grew stronger as she completed her Masters in Business & Organizational Psychology, and subsequently found herself in roles where she coached global leaders in talent management and communications. Attaining her diploma in Integrative Coaching was a natural personal and professional step, also given her avid commitment to her own personal development. ​ Vanessa helps organizations and individuals reach their goals by articulating their uniqueness and staying true to their values. She offers dynamic solutions that combine marketing creativity and great communication, with human-based interventions. She is also a coach.
Rena - Christine Vassallo
Friend Of The Factory - Counselling Psychologist & Adhd Coach
Rena studied psychology at the University of Malta and furthered her training by reading for a Masters of Psychology in Counselling Psychology at the same university. Rena also followed a training course, becoming a certified Adult ADHD Coach. Intermittently over the past years, she has also followed a number of courses and training including Brief Solution Focused Therapy (BSFT) and Mindfulness and Compassion training. Rena values client’s strengths and resourcefulness, emphasising the importance of self-compassion. She is passionate about nature and its indispensable benefits to our wellbeing. In fact, her Master’s dissertation explored the benefits of gardening on the wellbeing of adult gardeners. Moreover, Rena is trained in and conducts various psychological assessments such as cognitive, personality, and ADHD-related assessments, as well as projective tests. She brings these expertise to Polaris, working hand in hand with the Interdisciplinary team, for the enhanced benefit of our clients. In her personal life, Rena enjoys spending time with family and friends, spending time in nature and with animals, and appreciates and expresses herself through art.
Petra Spiteri
Friend Of The Factory - Mindfulness Trainer For Adults And Children​
Petra runs mindfulness courses to help clients (as groups, families or in a corporate setting) to reduce anxiety, stress, reactivity and worry and improve emotional awareness and resilience. Mindfulness based cognitive therapy involves the use of interactive sessions. Training is done on understanding our emotions, learning to meditate and also use our senses to slow down and bring more non-judgemental awareness to the present moment. Scientific evidence shows that mindfulness meditation reliably and profoundly alters the structure and function of the brain to improve the quality of both thoughts and feelings, and Petra passionately offers this expertise to her clients, and as part of the interdisciplinary team at Polaris.
Christine Busuttil
Friend Of The Factory – Senior Nutritional Therapist
Christine is a qualified health professional who holds a Masters of Science in Nutrition. Christine aspires to help people reclaim their health and reach their body's potential. Having undertaken four years of nutrition training at the University of West London, followed by two years at Middlesex University to complete her Masters. Christine has an extensive understanding of the delicate balance of nutrients needed for our body systems to function effectively and how to identify and address any deficiencies or imbalances. Christine’s main focus is nutrition education/promotion. She engages in detailed consultations to understand her client’s lifestyle and nutrition goals. Christine develops personalized dietary advice and meal plans, for the prevention and management of health conditions, and to improve over health and well-being of her clients. She strongly believes in a holistic approach to nutrition intervention and promoting realistic lifestyle goals. Christine regularly undertakes additional training as she constantly strives to add to her skill base and ensure her clients receive the most effective and relevant treatment and information in the market. Christine is registered locally with Professions Complimentary to Medicine Health (CPCM) and is an integral part of the Polaris interdisciplinary approach, believing that a healthy mind is synonymous to a healthy body.
Myra Pearson
​Friend Of The Factory - Business Coach, Leadership Trainer & Consultant
Myra Pearson is an experienced manager with over 14 years experience having also been a member on the board of a Learning organisation. She led various teams of up to 70 people both on site and remotely. In the past 7 years she has focused on Leadership coaching, group facilitation and Public Speaking through her brand Pearson Purpose. She has designed and delivered assessment centres, multinational leadership development programs and coached leaders at all levels. Myra has worked with renowned international brands including a premium provider for Apple, the Hospitality and Catering sector such as Hilton and Campbell Gray Hotels, the Big Four, Banks, Insurance, Pharmaceutical as well as Gaming companies to mention a few. Myra keeps up-to-date with current leadership practices and is an accredited PRISM and DISC practitioner as well as a Certified Scrum Master in Agile methodology. She enjoys being part of leaders' journeys to enable their personal growth, that of their teams and organisations.
Christine Garzia
Friend Of The Factory - Social and Emotional Skills Practitioner, Trainer and Career Advisor
Christine is a Certified Six Seconds EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Practitioner and in her role supports individuals in developing their social and emotional skills to enhance their performance and well-being at work. Her interests include emotional literacy, emotional regulation, empathy, and conflict management and resolution. Christine is an alumna of the University of London from where she received her M.Sc. in Occupational Psychology and is currently reading for her PhD in Career Guidance at the University of Malta.
Hannah Gatt
Friend Of The Factory​ - Speech-language Pathologist & Therapist
Hannah obtained a degree in B.Sc (Hons) in Communication Therapy, at the University of Malta (2023), with a First Class Honours. Throughout the course of her study, Hannah has also achieved two Dean’s Awards for Academic Achievement. Between studies and professional work life, Hannah has had the opportunity to work with diverse clientele including both adults and children, having worked with several types of disorders and difficulties including speech-language difficulties, acquired difficulties in adults, swallowing difficulties, voice difficulties, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system users amongst others. Her undergraduate dissertation focused on communication and feeding difficulties in preterm children, and how the speech-language pathologist’s role in this area may be improved. Hannah has had the opportunity to study abroad at Thomas Moore University in Antwerp, Belgium, where she has gained further insight in paediatric field and acquired cognitive difficulties, voice disorders, feeding and swallowing disorders. Currently Hannah is following a MSc in Speech, Language and Communication with City, University of London. Hannah is committed to taking a holistic and evidence-based practice approach. This involves looking at the client’s overall picture and helping them achieve their maximum potential, which is why she fits in well within the Polaris integrative care environment.
Paula Calleja
Friend Of The Factory - Play Therapist
Paula is a seasoned child specialist, having been a primary school teacher since 1999. She read for a first degree in Psychology (B.Psy(Gen) University of Malta, 1998), and furthered her studies obtaining a teaching warrant (PGCE Early Childhood Education 1998). She also has an MA in Special Needs from Nottingham University in the UK (2005). Paula has extensive experience in the educational and social field, working with children and youth. She further obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Practice Based Play Therapy in 2014 (Certified Play Therapist APAC via Canterbury Christchurch University) and has since worked as a Play Therapist in schools and in private practice. She is a Member of the Malta Association of Play Therapists and currently forms part of the Committee as Public Relations Officer. Paula reiterates that Play therapy is a powerful medium which helps people work on their internal issues at their own pace in a safe environment. Her primary areas of interest are helping children with a wide range of issues including low self-esteem, bullying, social anxiety, friendships and parental separation. She brings her passion for caring and healing through play to Polaris.
Corinne Cilla
Friend Of The Factory - Pharmacist, Head Of School, Gestalt Warranted Psychotherapist
Corinne graduated in Pharmacy in 1992 and then furthered her studies in Education obtaining her Post Graduate Certificate in Education to teach Science and Biology in 1998. In 2008, she obtained her first Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Malta focusing her research on the Role of Emotional Intelligence in School Leadership, holding the concept of Emotional Intelligence very close to her heart. In 2018, Corinne obtained her second Masters Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute in Malta. She also recently finished her course in mindfulness. Corinne currently works as a Head of School but her role as a psychotherapist plays a huge part of her life as she feels that she can be of great support to people around her. Her areas of specialisation include bereavement, dealing with stress and anxiety, burnout and developing one's emotional intelligence to lead a much better life on a personal level, at the workplace and in relationships. Corinne believes that understanding, accepting and nurturing oneself underpins one's ability to lead a more content life in this competitive and demanding world. Corinne has prepared and led various professional development programs for various institutions in Malta using her favourite theme of developing one's Emotional Intelligence in preventing burnout at work, improving collaboration with others as well as fueling teamwork. Corinne also has a particular interest in neuroscience and holistically uses her professional knowledge as a Pharmacist, Head of School and Gestalt Psychotherapist to fully understand her clients and support them in leading more fruitful and positive lives. Her mindful approach to Gestalt Psychotherapy enables clients to find more balance, happiness, self-worth and harmony in their lives in general. Corinne is an avid reader, enjoys learning and loves to travel especially to faraway places where one can trek for hours and appreciate nature. She loves cycling and she loves spending time with her family and her two dogs.
Arianne Spiteri Cremona
Friend Of The Factory - Psychotherapist
Arianne is a warranted Gestalt Psychotherapist and an advocate for mental health and wellbeing, having worked in the mental health field for several years where she focused on raising awareness regarding mental health issues and providing individuals with emotional and practical support. Arianne has considerable experience working therapeutically with adults experiencing various mental health problems such as depression and anxiety disorders. She has also worked with individuals in the areas of domestic violence, sexual assault, suicidality, loss and trauma as well as relational and sexuality issues. She has extensive experience in training groups of people on topics related to mental health and wellbeing and enjoys relating to people and co-creating meaningful relationships with individuals and groups. Arianne also enjoys working with individuals who are seeking personal growth and development. Arianne was awarded a Masters degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute Malta (GPTIM) following a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Malta. Arianne is a musician and presently also works within the disability sector, creatively supporting children and young adults with disabilities to enhance their development and talent though music and the arts. Arianne believes that every individual is unique, each with his or her own strengths, and that each person has the ability to reach their full potential when given the right tools and support to do so and when they are given time and presence and seen for who they truly are. In her free time, Arianne enjoys playing the drums and percussion, among other instruments, spending time with family, friends and her two dogs and is interested in musical theatre and the arts.
Clare Degiorgio
Friend of the factory, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor
Clare is a qualified and experienced Coach, Pre and Ante-Natal instructor and Personal Trainer. She has been employed for many years as a Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor in competitive 5 star hotel gyms in Malta. Specialising in fitness for all, she strives to be able to conduct workouts and exercises tailored to anyone’s needs. She’s been successful in adapting and designing workout plans for everyone including people over 60 years of age, pre/ante natal classes, wheelchair users, clients with congenital limb defect, extreme obesity and extreme vertigo. Moreover, she specialises in weight-loss classes as well as elite training for athletes forming part of sporting challenges and competitions locally. Clare holds a fitness class fundraiser event annually with all the proceeds going to a charity close to her heart. Described on many instances as full of energy and motivation, Clare gets along excellently with people of all ages and backgrounds.
Delicia Farrugia
Friend Of The Factory – Family Therapist
Delicia is a warranted Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, having obtained a Masters in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice from the University of Malta. Her career in the social care field started as a social worker in the public sector, mainly in the field of substance abuse and mental health. Through this experience she collaborated with other local agencies in the field of family wellbeing, psychiatry, child protection, and criminal justice. It’s here where her interest in Family Therapy started emerging, when she witnessed the importance that families and significant relationships have in the way that individuals view their reality about themselves and others. Delicia has worked as a Family Therapist in local agencies in the public and voluntary sector as well as in the private sector. Delicia has also furthered her studies in Health and Social Care Management and has been lecturing in a local vocational college for the past ten years. Her passion and honour lie in witnessing individuals and families supporting each other’s growth, improvising new scripts, and creating fulfilling and healing relationships, which she does with great pride at Polaris BrainGym and Well-Being Factory.
Chiara Sacco
Friend Of The Factory - Health Psychologist
Chiara is a Health Psychology Practitioner, who obtained an Undergraduate degree in Psychology in Malta, before attaining her Master’s Degree in Health Psychology in the UK. Chiara has worked in clinical environments with a very diverse clientele that includes children, adolescents, adults and families. She has experience working with a wide range of mental and physical health concerns, including anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Eating disorders, Somatic Symptoms and related Disorders, and various others. Chiara believes in a holistic, interdisciplinary and all-encompassing approach to wellbeing. She incorporates elements of CBT and mindfulness in her practice, and has a special interest in using evidence-based creative approaches when working with children especially, whilst also being very passionate about health promotion and health behaviour change. Chiara’s particularly passionate about working with young people, which she does with great Pride at Polaris BrainGym and Well-Being Factory.
Sarah Stephenson
Friend Of The Factory - Lifestyle Doctor and Holistic Health Coach
Sarah obtained her medical degree at the University of Malta and after that she worked as a medical doctor in the UK for 8 years. She also has a Health Coaching certification and a certification on Plant Based Nutrition. She now lives in rural central Portugal were she has slowed down her life and does what she loves- coaches clients to feel their best selves! Sarah is passionate about the prevention of lifestyle related conditions and living a more mindful holistic life to optimise health and well-being. Her philosophy is that of abundance> restriction and believes small daily changes lead to big habit changes that could in turn be life changing. Sarah is always looking to learn, improve and focus on her own self development. She feels strongly about giving her clients the most up-to-date, evidence-based information out there. In her free time she loves gardening, cold-water river swims and walks in nature with her family.
Reb Jean Luc Brochet
Friend Of The Factory​ - Addiction Recovery Coach, Sober Traveler/companion​
Reb bases his coaching practice on his own life experience with addiction, best practices, and training in this particular field of addiction. He partners with people to find their own solutions and become their own rescuers, to face all the pitfalls that life puts in their way, and become emotionally balanced, without the need for their addictions. He has hosted over 300 AA meetings and over 100 ACA meetings over the past years, and sits as Secretary of the ACA Malta group. Regardless of being a member of the 12 steps, he takes a holistic approach to recovery, and appreciates that the 12 steps are not the only way to recover, or maintain sobriety and independence from addiction. He has lived and worked locally and abroad, seasoning him to cultural changes, differences and dynamics. He considers himself to be a good listener and builder of rapport, and an innovative leader, enabling clients to develop their potential through new experiences, awareness and personal growth. He supports people through non-intrusive coaching and through modelling, to understand their situation and set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goals – with full support to implement them and stay on the road to recovery.
Ian Sammut
Friend Of The Factory -Fitness Consultant, Trainer & Massage Therapist
Ian is trained and certified in Athletics Coaching, Exercise and Fitness Training. He also holds a diploma in Anatomy & Physiology, Holistic Massage, and has expertise in nutrition and dietetics. Ian has practiced long-distance running for almost 30 years and has competed at national level both locally and abroad for the first 10-15 years. After all these years, Ian still has a passion for running, continuing to run on an almost daily basis; however his focus nowadays has shifted towards movement in general and holistic wellbeing, thus integrating yoga, weights, circuit training and swimming into his regular self-practice. He thrives on transmitting what he knows to other athletes and other clients who wish to improve their overall fitness and wellbeing. Through coaching, massage and personal training, Ian will help you to get your body back in shape, health on track, and wellbeing on the agenda.
Chris Rolé
Friend Of The Factory - Psychiatrist
Dr. Chris Rolé is a psychiatrist with special interest in general adult and rehabilitation psychiatry. Dr. Rolé graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Malta in 2012. He also obtained a Masters degree in psychiatry from Cardiff University and a Bachelor of Science degree (Hons) in medical laboratory science from the University of Malta. Dr. Rolé completed his specialisation training in psychiatry in 2019.
Alexandra Vassallo
​Friend Of The Factory - Family & Systemic Psychotherapist
Alexandra is a member of the Malta Association of Psychotherapists. She graduated from the University of Malta with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) in 2015, after which she completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Systemic Psychotherapy through the Institute of Family Therapy Malta. She then continued her training through a Masters in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice within the same institute. Alexandra has experience in the educational and social field, working with children and adults with learning difficulties and intellectual disabilities, together with their families. Throughout these experiences she collaborated with other local state agencies and non-governmental organizations in the field of individual and family wellbeing and mental health. As a systemic psychotherapist at Polaris, Alexandra helps individuals, couples and families with challenging certain beliefs and behaviours, thus empowering them to create healthier and more functional ways of relating. Other areas of interest include personal and professional well-being and growth, parenting, intimate relationships and emotional regulation.

Client Care Officers

Aedan Kerr
Client Care Officer
Aedan is a dynamic individual with a passion for hospitality, and a background in computer science. With experience in customer service at different food & beverage establishments, he excels in customer care orientation and teamwork. Aedan's multicultural background, being of Swedish and Scottish descent, equips him with a unique cultural sensitivity, an open- minded perspective, and strong interpersonal affluence. Aedan is easy to talk to, warm and polite, and always ready to go that extra mile to make everybody feel right at home.
Mariam Gogeliani
Client Care Officer
Mariam obtained a Masters Degree in Trauma Psychology in Georgia. She has experience working with children with different disorders at schools, mainly focusing on children with Autism. Her main interest is Trauma-related disorders and various methods of dealing with them. She is also trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - MBSR - with Jon Kabat zin and is planning to continue the journey towards becoming a certified trainer. Meanwhile, she also worked as a co-facilitator of MBSR groups in Georgia. She is also researching the area of Neurofeedback and will continue to grow in this area through her work with Polaris BrainGym & WellBEing Factory.

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