About us

Our concept was the brain-child of our founder, Cher Engerer Kerr

Her idea was conceived following years in her own private practice, when she always felt her tools were not enough and did not fit all clients well enough

Cher became frustrated with having to network with other professionals across the island, often causing more stress for her clients and difficulties in receiving and integrating feedback from their visits

Cher also hated working in clinical settings and dreamt of a more welcoming atmosphere, with diverse services under one roof – an integrative, brain- based, whole-person centred, inter-disciplinary approach to health and wellbeing  

So she:
1. Found a woodworks factory  
2. Designed a place which could be a chilled, relaxed environment – no pretences or shiny marble floors – where everyone can feel welcome and comfortable
3. Cleaned and converted it into our Wellbeing Factory
4. Hand-picked a team of top specialists to join her mission and share her vision  

And Polaris was born

The offering of top client care, by specialists from different disciplines, working collaboratively with the same client, synthesising understanding, and sharing expertise, resources, feedback, hints and tips – in their pursuit of client health and well-being  

The interdisciplinary integrative care approach challenges the rigidity of understanding a person from any and ONLY one discipline’s perspective

In just (3) three months, most clients report having seen a great improvement in their health and wellbeing

Each client gets a bespoke solution-focused care-plan, which we monitor closely every three months to be sure we are on the right track. We also offer assessments, corporate wellness, training and development

Our services are available across the globe through virtual platforms  

Locally, we cater for individuals and organisations – online, in our factory, or possibly in your home or office.

Our Core Values:
1. People are not just a number to us; they are unique and valuable and when they come to the Factory we show them that they are important to us, on equal footing, at home in our factory.
2. We are a whole-person, client centred, brain-based, and solution focused entity.
3. If you don’t see changes in the first six months, we become more unhappy than you!
4. We model care for ourselves and also value our own well-being as professionals. 
5. We care for each other and are nice to one another. We respect each other, look out for one another, and support each other. 
6. We treat each other as equals because no one profession is more important than another.
7. We work actively to de-stigmatise mental health. We change the discourse to omit words like mental, illness, and clinic. It’s a factory that produces wellbeing, and we help people improve their brain health and wellbeing – full stop.
8. As a team, we are givers not takers. We are in this to contribute, not only to gain. 
9. We are a conscious business- more focused on making an impact and giving a good service than just earning an income. 
10. We go that extra mile  – to help people achieve a state of health & well-being.
11. We do great work but it’s not important to us who gets the credit for it. We work as an orchestra.
12. We find something to love about everyone, and that’s a promise.
13. We are humble enough to be open to feedback, criticism, learning, and development – not just open, we cherish it.
14. We strive for quality and warmth in all our interactions with people. We are down-to-earth and real. We do not hide behind our titles nor use our expertise to assert power over people. We remain humble and grateful for the trust, time, and money people invest in us.
15. We hold accountability and responsibility. We have a duty of care, and we don’t take it lightly.

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