Ways to wellness webinar

Join this engaging webinar, hosted by Cher Engerer – Wellbeing Specialist & Psychologist, where we will explore the essential elements for maintaining and improving your wellbeing. We will provide you with a practical, easy to use, time efficient toolbox of hints, tips and interventions, to help manage stress, self-regulate your brain, self-sooth your anxiety, relax your mind and body, and downshift from the stress of our busy lives.

Working theraputically to heal the inner child

This workshop is aimed at equipping professionals with therapeutic tools & salient skills, to enhance and further develop their portfolio and toolkit. It is open to all psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, psychology practitioners, psychology assistants in training, psychiatrists, counsellors, guidance teachers, youth workers, psychiatric nurses, and more. 


Thrive Forward is a group coaching program designed by a team of Certified Professional Recovery Coaches to help participants gain more self-awareness, create new routines and habits, built a sense of community, and establish a strong foundation of healthy recovery from dependncy, and overall wellbeing.

This highly interactive program leverages the strengths, values, and lived experiences of each participant. Each session incorporates personal reflections, small group discussions, and insight from Certified Professional Recovery Coaches.


Social Train, led by Lisa, Francesca  and Maria  will teach young people everyday social skills, soft skills and much more. 

​Who would benefit from our Social Train?
ANYONE with social communication difficulties, for whatever reason e.g. autism, intellectual impairment, language disorders,  social anxiety, shyness, lack of maturity, developmental delay.
Any age, sex, gender, race, ability – all welcome. LSEs are welcome to join individuals, and we can also organise this for you ourselves.

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