Welcome to the Polaris BodyBar

Your Sanctuary for Holistic Relaxation Therapy – where mind and body become one.

The Polaris BodyBar is a sanctuary for physical healing. It is the resting place of the body. Instead of going to the local bar to feel better, you can come to us.
The body is a temple, and at the BodyBar, we facilitate it to thrive, heal, and relax.

Recent literature has proven that trauma, stress, and negative emotions are stored in the soma; in our cells and body. We need to access the physical body to heal, relax, and elicit positive emotions and energy.

We cannot separate our minds from our bodies and brains. We are an engine which needs a service very often. We need to give attention to our bodies to support our autonomic nervous system to move out of the flight/fight/flee brain response of the modern lifestyle. Only in doing this can we truly heal.

When we are in stress response, we do not heal, we do not sleep well, we do not learn, we do not kill bad cells, we do not manage our weight, we do not have good circulation or oxygenation, we do not consolidate our memories, we cannot have positive and healthy relationships, or generate new ideas or creatively adjust to the challenges life throws at us.

If we stay stuck in flight/flight/freeze responses, we run the risk of inflammation and autoimmune suppression, which can lead to serious health risks.
Without looking after our bodies, we cannot be our full potentiated selves, and yet people think it is a luxury or capricious to set time aside to attend therapies of the body. It certainly is not. On the contrary, we would argue that it is a fundamental necessity, that we cannot be well without attending to the needs of the body. We will carry pain, stiffness, and heartache with us everywhere.

Physical touch also connects us to ourselves, to our environment, and to each other. Physical touch helps us to feel less alone on this journey.

Join us at the BodyBar for some relaxation and healing, by trying any one of these in-house treatments and therapies delivered by our seasoned and dedicated practitioners:


Engaging pressure points, leading to blissful healing.


Find your flow, embrace the glow – welcome to a journey of self-discovery through yoga


Inhaled healing through our senses.


Indulge in Bliss: Unwind, Relax, Rejuvenate.

Holistic relaxation therapy

Discover Balance, Harmony, and a Path to Optimal Health.


Elevating your well-being with the gentle touch of Reiki energy.


We are what we eat, and we guide you to greatness.

Personal Fitness Training

Optimising the potential of your body.

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