Psychometric Testing and Assessment

Psychometric testing is a scientific method used to measure psychological attributes such as intelligence, personality, aptitude, and interests. It provides objective and standardized assessments to identify individual strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Tests consist of standardized questions or tasks administered online, on paper, or in-person by professionals. Benefits include objectivity, reliability, and versatility in educational, career, organizational, and clinical settings. Psychometric testing aids in academic assessment, career counseling, employee selection, and mental health diagnosis and treatment planning. Overall, it is a valuable tool for understanding individual characteristics and supporting personal and professional growth.

The types of psychometrics we offer at Polaris:
Ability & Competence

The tests we offer at Polaris:
Personality Disorders e.g. Narcissism
Learning Disorders e.g. neurodivergences
Cognitive Disorders e.g. low IQ
Neuropsychological Disorders e.g. following a stroke or brain injury
Attention Deficit Attention Disorder, in adults and/or children
Autistic Spectrum Disorder (adults and children)
Career Compatibility e.g. best choices for your personality
Clinical Conditions e.g. depression, anxiety

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