Holistic relaxation therapy

This session was uniquely designed by our in-house experts to support the body into a state of natural healing; by moving it out of stress response, into a state of total relaxation.

Our bodies react and respond to stressors on our lives; sometimes putting our bodies into a state of fight, flight, freeze or faun (the stress response). In stress response:
we do not heal,
we do not rest or sleep well,
we do not learn or memorise,
we do not kill bad cells,
we do not break down fat,
we do not circulate blood and oxygen around our body well,
we do not build healthy relationships, we do not regulate our moods and emotions,
we cannot be creative

our bodies become inflamed and autoimmune suppressed
we can get chronically ill.

Our holistic relaxation sessions are a blend of eastern and modern day practices which are proven to support our bodies to relax, including reiki, massage, alignment, shaking and tapping. These sessions guide the body back to it’s optimal state, alleviating stress and promoting relaxation and healing to take place.

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