Coaching is a collaborative process between a trained professional and an individual seeking personal or professional success. Unlike therapy, coaching focuses on future-oriented goals and actions to help clients achieve their desired outcomes. Coaches push the needle as supportive allies, providing guidance, encouragement, and practical tools to identify strengths, clarify goals, and overcome obstacles. Sessions involve exploring values, passions, and aspirations, creating actionable plans, and fostering growth and transformation.

Coaching is versatile, applicable to various areas such as career advancement, relationship improvement, and personal fulfilment, providing tools and support to help everyone grow and get where they want to be. Research shows profound impacts, including increased satisfaction, confidence, and wellbeing.

At Polaris we offer:
Non-medicinal Health Coaching
Peak Performance Coaching Business & Executive Coaching
Career Coaching
Neurodivergence & ADHD Coaching
Life Coaching
Public Speaking & Confidence Coaching
Autism Coaching

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